Your Inspired Life provides career, relationship, and lifestyle coaching services that aim to EMPOWER and INSPIRE you to live your most amazing life!
The philosophy behind Your Inspired Life is that the little things DO matter. The little things lead to the small wins that motivate you to move forward. I want to help you achieve the first small win and guide you through the entire journey to your amazing, dream life!


As Founder and CEO, Stephanie Crockett, is a certified life coach that specializes in organizational management, relationship, and lifestyle transformations. She has over 20 years in healthcare and business management experience with a passion for organizational culture and employee burnout. Her degree in Business Administration and minor in Psychology has served her well when managing the different personality types of the business world. She has worked with physicians and other career minded individuals assisting them to find work-life balance, combat professional and personal burn-out, and reignite their passion for their jobs and daily life.
Favorite Quote: The Platinum Rule “do unto others as they would have you do unto them, not as you would have them do unto you.” – Unknown


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