How The Hell Are Ya!

Speech bubble with Hello in it

See what I did there, I let you know a lot about me from just the one line.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what my first post should be about.  Should I just jump right in and talk about inspiring, positive living?  Or should I give you a window into who I am and what I’m all about?  Well, I have come to the conclusion that this should be my introduction to you.  I don’t want you spending your precious time reading this, only for you to discover that I am not your cup of tea….and that’s ok.

Let me begin by telling you a little about the formal me.  I have 20+ years in healthcare management.  I sit behind the desk; I don’t do the blood, snot, and guts thing….that’s just gross!  I truly appreciate those that do that line of work, which is why I have supported them on the administration side for so many years.

Well then, how did she get here, you ask?  It’s pretty simple, really, I began to look around my world and realized that I had more to contribute than just my management skills and needed to find an outlet where I could begin to share my thoughts and help to improve other’s lives at the same time.  If you want to know more about the educated me, then head over to my About Me page.  It’s much more serious.

Ok…with that out of the way.  Let’s continue….

It took me almost 46 years to find my own voice and while I am still refining it, I believe I am closer than ever before.  This voice that I have found, means that I tend to have the mouth of a sailor (or truck driver, if you prefer) when I feel like something or someone has been wronged.  It also means that I will cry like a baby with the smallest tug at my heartstrings (movies, commercials, babies, puppies…you get it).  Crazy or complicated…you pick the word.

I separate my M&M’s by color before I eat them.  Here’s my method.

  1. Separate by color.
  2. If there is any color that only has 1, eat it first (you don’t want it to be lonely).
  3. Eat the brown ones next.  Come on….they are the same color as chocolate….BORING!!!
  4. From here I eat them in color preference order; least to favorite.




    Here’s where it gets really tricky!

    Blue and green are my favorites, so the one with the least gets eaten next, leaving the favorite color with the most M&M’s the last to eat.

I said before that I was either crazy or complicated and I would let you decide.  Well, decide.  Oh…is this where we depart?  I’m sorry my quirky way of eating M&M’s scared you away.  I really thought we had something going.

For those of you that are still with me….allow me to continue.

I overuse “!” and “….” A LOT and probably “ {quotes}, too. Just look through the post, it’s pretty obvious.

I absolutely LOVE the word “inspire” and all of it’s synonyms and what it stands for.

I don’t consider myself spiritual, but I do have my beliefs. And with that, I don’t do yoga or meditate.  I really did give both a try, but my mind kept wondering off to how much laundry there was to do or something else on the to-do list.

I am obsessed with turtles! All of them….(tortoise, sea, red-eared, snapping, etc.)  My husband won’t agree to getting a live one, though.  Our local zoo has 2 Galapagos tortoises that are each over 100 years old.  If they didn’t weigh over 400 lbs each, I would probably try to take one home.

My sense of humor is dry and sarcastic (didn’t notice, did ya?).

My inner circle would call me a pretty blunt person, but I don’t have the courage to ask for anything I need or want outside of that circle.

My biggest fear; is fear. But I’m gonna conquer it one day, DAMN IT!

Today….as I type this….my mantra is, “JUST START DOING SOMETHING!” Tomorrow, it could be, “Been there, done that.”  Who knows?

The path to my own happiness has been a bumpy one, but I have found that my happiness begins and ends with me being nice and respectful to EVERYONE! This is a hard stop for me.  If you don’t have these 2 basics within you, we CANNOT be friends. PERIOD!

My goal for this adventure I am on is to inspire people on their journey to live the most amazing life they can live.  I want everyone to be happier in their own skin; smile more; find ways to reduce stress; spend more quality time with friends and family; be more organized; fight workplace or personal burnout…you get it, right?

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, I guess I haven’t scared you off.  So, leave a comment and let me know what about this post resonated with you?  Do you agree or disagree (I’m ok with both, as long as we can keep it respectful)?  Is there something you think I can help you with?  Hell, maybe you can help me with my M&M’s or turtle obsession?  Or maybe my overuse of certain punctuation?

Until next week….


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